Initial Blurb

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I’m not a writer.  My life has been drastically effected by mental illness of varying degrees since about age 10.  I have mostly experienced the discomfort and overwhelming irrational anxiety of OCD, but also collide with depression, psychosis and addiction.  Mental illness is scar tissue of the mind and I am going to heal it.

During my life, I can present well superficially and often would attempt to mask my symptoms.  Being used to struggle to contain the symptoms such as severe anxiety, it would result in me having to leave jobs and not complete courses as well as other lifes challenges.

After becoming caught up in a fantasy world of gambling and somewhat detached but complex ruminations…

At 32 and diagnosed for 10 years, I’d like to share my recovery.  I’m not a writer.  I am something else.  What I am, you can decide for yourselves.