Mindfulness and Compulsions

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Mindfulness meditation is all the rage in the west now. It’s true, the East suspected it would be good for the mind thousands of years ago. They didn’t have any scientific proof back then though so yeah they got lucky.

What is it?

Well they say if you really know something, you can explain it in simple terms… so i’d say mindfulness meditation is non-judgemental awareness coupled with deep relaxation.

Compulsions are everywhere, and we overcome procrastination by realizing that there is no compulsion in our lives. With OCD however, it’s far more complicated.

The obsessive compulsive would get a thought that causes them overwhelming distress (named by various professionals as an ‘intrusive thought’.) Their brain would then try to fix it, at least temporarily by performing a compulsion. This doesn’t have to be physical. Unfortunately the brain, largely subconsciously, is not doing the right thing. Mindful meditation can teach it to do the right thing. In time. Obviously it’s very difficult to resist at first, so i’ll try and find some literature and videos and guided meditations that will help.

I am still incredibly obsessive compulsive. Unfortunately I had it since about 10 and couldn’t channel it due it being severe. I had some decent therapy though, eventually. And whilst in hospital read about mindfulness. With therapy, (the best type being ERP for OCD), like any mental illness, the goal i’d say is to resolve subconscious conflicts. With OCD though this is trickier due to the compulsions and anxiety complicating things. Dr Paul Salkovskis has some great methodology and is a UK leader in the field of OCD, check him out.