Month: June 2016

The Priory Hospital

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Have u ever thought a violent thought? I explained what it is like to have OCD, when all you can think about is are you capable to harm someone.  I explained also that its not very likely any OCD patient has ever acted on their thoughts.  Due to the nature of my violent thoughts, mostly to do with what I could do with a knife, I was under high risk watch for a time.  I was quick to realise that I was not like other addicts or patients.  It was OCD that was prominent.  However they helped me a lot.

How is there something and not only nothing?

This is not a statement of philosophy.  In this case, this is not a statement of science.  It is psychotic.  It does not make sense.  In this sense,  in the way it generates the psychotic feelings… I am something therefore how can I deny that.

My time here in Brighton involved strict detox, relaxation sessions, CBT, addiction sessions, new friends, and great food.  Strict time management too and taking medication, and reviewing medication.  I was only there a short time but it was like a strict and extremely thoughtful holiday.

They then had me a bed back in Bromley, which was like going from the Ritz to the streets.  No support, no sessions severe boredom somewhat unhealthy interactions, with other patients.  How on earth we are treating our mentally ill i don’t know; it must be severely under funded in the NHS.  There needs to be much more civilized ways of dealing with our mentally ill!  Nevertheless i stayed in hospital still for some time and i needed to be there.